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restaurant orangeriet is located in the rosenborg castle garden,

better known as the king's garden.

the garden was founded in 1606, at the same time as the castle was being erected,

and is one of the most popular parks in copenhagen today.


the pavillion that houses the restaurant, was built after a huge fire in copenhagen in 1795, where a large part of the garden was bestowed to the city as plots for re-housing.


kronprinsessegade (crown princess street) was established by city builder peter meyn,

who was also in charge of the construction of an wrought iron lattice fence

in parisian style with neoclassical pavillions that surrounds the park. 


the glass building was added in the 1880's as a pastry, and has since housed a series of restaurants and banquet facilities.


Jasper and Marie Kure took over the pavillion in 2010, where they opened restaurant Orangeriet.

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